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itat2to posted to Inknthecouve

11 months ago

INK MASTER UPDATE: To follow up on my post here you have it Rob Hill of Ventura tattoos is hosting The INK MASTERS Tim Lee from Ink masters revivals/redemption and Manifest Mark from season 3, Coming to Ink'n The Couve in Ridgefield Washington State! Artists we have booths on sale!!! Anyone else wanna get a tattoo from one of these guys or a picture maybe a signed some'n you can cherish from these guys??? Let me know and we can set you up!! Stop in and say hi at least! Good guys and welcoming to the public! Come and check em out and get some work from them!!!! The best part of a tattoo convention is being able to get work from artists that come from other areas! Artists you can't get everyday locally! All though here in the northwest we have an abundance of talent locally now is your chance to get work from artist's like these! Tim Lees Manifest Mark Rob Hill