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10 months ago

Looking for the guest, or if is possible permanent working place anywhere out of "Serbia"! To make it clearer - I am a Serb [Serbia/Belgrade/ex Yugoslavi - meddle of Europe but not EU]... So if someone needs a Serbian artist please contact me over message or mobile number +381 611946182... I am a family serious person - married and have two daughters. Sometimes not that serious, but strict about the work. Have quite nice experience related for
the working in Germany/Denmark/Sweden... I'm a free - hand artist, with the a lot ideas. Good in drowning, and I don't have a some specific style - I want to try myself in every technique. No alcohol, no drugs, no drama. Easy to make the deal, and not hungry for the money - I am hungry for the work... More work - more money... TNX again people! Petar [PecaW - Rock The Ink]...