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East Coast Tattoo Expo

2 years ago

How much are tickets?
In advance £10 for the day or £18 for the weekend. On the door £12 for the day and £20 for the weekend. Children under 16 go free as long as an adult accompanies them. Also this year we are doing a Party Pass which is only for those who are staying onsite.

What’s this year’s theme?
This years theme is Hawaiian Luau think grass skirts, coconut bras, surfing and loud shirts. This is our 11th year and boy do we know how to put on a party!

What date is the expo?
Saturday November 15th & Sunday 16th.

Who hosts the event?
Sonya Trusty of Red’s Tattoo Parlour, Colchester High Street and Glyn Uren of Pirate Tattoo, North Street, Sudbury hosts the East Coast Tattoo Expo now in its 10th year.

Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets are available from this website or in store at Reds Tattoo Parlour, Colchester High Street or on the door on the day.

Are children allowed?
Yes children are allowed and under 16 year olds will go free BUT this is a tattoo event and some of our acts may use adult language so please be aware of this.

Is there any shopping?
Oh yes there is loads of shopping from many of our unique and varied trade stand holders, for up to date information on these please see the trader tab on this website.

What are the opening times?
Saturday 11am-1am Sunday 11am-9pm

What age can I get tattooed at the event?
Although this is an event the age limit to be tattooed is still strictly 18 years old or over and if you look under 21 years of age please bring photographic identification with you.

Can I get tattooed at the event and how?
Yes this is what the event is all about, please use the Artists tab on this website to see who is working. Each artist works differently so you will need to get in touch with them individually to see if they pre-book before the event or if they prefer a first come first served style of working. If you have a specific picture of something you want to get tattooed a print out brought wi