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2 years ago


Sarah Ridge, a 23-year-old carer from Malmsbury, Wiltshire, who is totally obsessed with the pop singer Rihanna has decided to devote her skin to her.
Sarah has seven tattoos of Rihanna’s face on her body – and a lot of copies of Rihanna’s own tattoos.
Sarah, who has been a fan of Rihanna since she was 14, also has this message on her forearm.
Sarah said ‘Ultimately, as long as I love my tattoos, that’s all that matters.

‘I have loved Rihanna for nearly 10 years, and I’ll love her forever. Some people say I’ve ruined my body, but I just laugh it off.

‘Rihanna’s face is gorgeous, so having her image on my body makes it look better in my eyes.’

Each to their own we all have our reasons to get inked so #onelove #letsgetinked