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TattooBro posted to Tattoo Meanings

2 years ago

Anchor- Safety, hope and salvation, planting ones own roots such as having a family.
Angel - Protection, guardians, keepers of dreams
Bat - Longevity, happiness, mystery
Bear- Good nature, good luck, also ignorance
Bull - Fertility, power and strength
Butterfly - Spiritual immortality, temporary element of life
Centaur - Knowledge and nature, spirit of womanhood
Chain - If broken it means freedom. If intact-slavery
Clown - Laughter, tears, uncertainties
Clover - Good luck or a sign of Irish nationality; Feminine power
Cross - Sacrifice, love and salvation, Christian Symbol for faith
Crow - Revival, Gods messenger, Return From the dead
Devil - Mischievousness, urgent desire for sex
Dog - Man’s best friend, loyalty, trustworthiness
Dove - Universal symbol of peace
Dragonfly - Affinity with the Spiritual Life. Illusion
Feather - Creativity, rebirth and spiritual elevation
​Frog – Positive symbol of pregnancy, Also a symbol of change in ones own life
Hawk - Self-discipline
Heart - Love, provided it is neither bloody nor torn into pieces
Horse - Friend to man, kingship
Leaf - Joy, rebirth
​Lion - Might, awareness, immortality, bravery
Mermaid - Temptation, seduction, materialism
Monkey - Wisdom, knowledge, or evil powers
Moon - Varied rhythms of life
Phoenix - Rebirth, Rising from ones own ashes
Reaper - Death or one has faced death
​Rose - Fertility, pagan sign for womanhood
Scarab - Strength and rebirth
Skull - Courage, Death, Poison
Snake - Temptation, Adaptive ness, knowledge, and wisdom
​Spider - Creativity
Sun - Sacredness of life. Warmth, nurturing
Sword - Represents justice, honor, energy
Tiger - Fierceness, strength and power
​Turtle - Fertility, long life
Unicorn - Chastity and purity; unattainable
Wolf - On the hunt, One's own wild side
​YinYang - Harmony and totality versus Evil and chaos, also is a symbol of balance