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2 years ago

A newly revised tattoo policy that will remove the limit on the number and size of tattoos will be coming very soon, A spokes person for the Army said Wednesday.

The new requirements to appearance policy still stops soldiers from having tattoos on their necks, and the ban will remain on tattoos that are extremist, racist or sexist.

The more lenient tattoo rules are based on input from soldiers. Many soldiers have been requesting that there should be fewer restrictions on tattoos. Some saw their tattoos as a hindrance to advancing in their careers.

"Society is changing its view of tattoos and we have to change along with that," a spokesman said. "It makes sense. Soldiers have grown up in an era when tattoos are much more acceptable and we have to change along with that."

The rules won't be official until the regulation is updated, which is expected in the "very near future," an Army spokeswoman said.