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2 years ago

British man tattooed from his friend while passed out drunk!

A man from the UK who ended up passing out at a party woke up to find his best friend had inked a large tattoo on his back! But the guy just laughed off the prank.

Josh Darnbrough, 24, from Manchester, was having a bender at a New Year's Eve party with his friend, Rob Gaskell, who inked the words, 'if found face down call an ambulance' on his back using a DIY tattoo kit, Manchester Evening News reports.

Mr Darnbrough only realised he had the tattoo after catching a glimpse in the mirror while hungover the following day.

"I was pretty astonished when I looked in the mirror - I thought, 'I didn’t go to bed with a tattoo'," Mr Darnbrough said.

"I didn’t know when I’d got it and no-one would tell me who’d done it."

Far from being a friendship deal breaker, Mr Darnbrough said he immediately saw the funny side.

"Since I found out it was Rob it hasn’t affected our friendship at all - we still see each other every day," Mr Darnbrough said.

"It’s just practical jokes between mates."

Mr Gaskell, a father-of-three, said the prank was revenge for a tattoo Mr Darnbrough did on his leg two years ago.

"Josh started off doing a lizard, then a cross, then some hands and a gun - he did an abomination of a job and every time he tried to touch it up it got worse," Mr Gaskell said.

"When my partner saw it she went absolutely bonkers.

"If anyone is thinking of trying their own DIY tattoos - I would just say, don’t."

Wise words.