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2 years ago

TattooBro Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Tattoo site TattooBro?
TattooBro is a New Tattoo Social Network for business or personal use. If you love Tattoos or Art this is the place to be.

Is Tattoo Bro completely free?
Yes. It’s free to sign up, send messages, create pages and groups for business or personal! It will also be free to use our Tattoo site.
Can I sign-up manually and with Facebook?

Yes. Signing-up with Facebook is the simplest and fastest way to join TattooBro and also lets you see friends in common. We realise some of you prefer good old-fashioned email sign-up though, simply visit TattooBro on the web where you can do both.

Can I use Tattoo Bro on my mobile and desktop?
Yes. There’s both a web and mobile version of TattooBro, both of which are completely free to use. TattooBro on Android is coming very soon!

What makes this Tattoo site so great?
TattooBro lets you connect with the Tattoo world all in one place. You can find Tattoo shops, Tattoo artists, Tattoo conventions and more! If you are one of the mentioned you can also create a free Tattoo profile.

How do you find people or groups?
Just click the search bar at the top of the Tattoo site and start typing and it will show you matching people, pages or groups. Simple. You can follow people when they follow you back you are friends. You can also join groups & pages.

Can I edit my page?
Yes you can! Just go to edit profile and change your avatar, cover and background pictures. You can also put location, sex, age etc. But this is up to you. You can set your profile to private if you prefer.

Can I upload photos that aren't on Facebook?
For sure, simply use Tattoo Bro on the web to upload pictures that show off your Tattoos, Art or anything for that matter. You can also create albums. Just simply click the 'Add images' button upload Tattoo pictures when the bar turns green press post. Done!

What’s a Verified Profile?
This shows TattooBro members who’ve either signed up or verified their account through Facebook, helping you know they’re real people. Verify a manual account through your settings page.

Is my activity and location private on Tattoo Bro?
Yes. Your activity on TattooBro is completely anonymous and your location is never shared. We let you chose your own privacy settings. At the start it will automatically be set as public but you can change this in 'edit profile'.

How can I add my favorite music, movies, books etc?
Simply visit our Tattoo site on web to add or remove interests from your profile. You can add these in the description box. You can also upload videos from Youtube, Soundcloud and other popular sources. Upload by copy and past the URL into comment post box and press post.

What are likes?
When you upload images or write a status people can like or comment on what you have shared. Be sure to like other peoples Tattoo thoughts and images.

What are the @ and # symbols for?
TattooBro likes to make it easier for people to find common interests easier. The @ symbol is for people, pages and groups. The # is for trending so if you have a picture to share chose a relevant tag so people will see that image if they search for the term.

Can I message someone who isn’t a mutual like?
Yes, we’ve created Tattoo Bro to allow only users to message anyone! But the person has to have their privacy set to open.

Can I use images or videos from this Tattoo site?’
Yes. Just click the download tab under the image. Remember if you upload your Tattoo Flash or Art you can have these hidden if you prefer.

Will TattooBro share my details?
A big NO! We are an independent Tattoo Site we wont give your details to anyone! We are not here to make money we are here for the love of Tattoo.