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Art social network Our Tattoo & Art social network is a great place to upload your art & tattoos and then share it with like minded people. We also have easy share links so you can just upload to our tattoo site and then share on other social networks. Be sure to share other peoples posts. Our Art & Tattoo site is growing quickly with exciting users who want to share Tattoos, art, music, videos and ideas. Be sure to invite your friends, colleagues, clients.

Tattoo Shops, Tattoo artists, Tattoo supplies can make profiles, groups & pages with links to your website and other social networks. Be sure to secure your @username on our art social network before someone else does. We also have TattooBro follow me badges and icons for you to put on your personal Art & tattoo site so people can follow you.

You never know who you’ll find on our Art & Tattoo site.

Art Social Network Feature list

• Link all your other social networks and website to your profile.
• Follow system with friend connection when you both follow each other.
• Create Profiles, Groups and Pages.
• Fully secure website with privacy control in your hands.
• Copy paste links for a generated link preview in your post.
• Add up to 10 images per post.
• Create photo albums.
• We will never sell your information! IMPORTANT!
• Tattoo News, Tattoo videos, Hand Tattoos and many more groups.
• Real-time live private messaging system (chat)
• Social share buttons.
• Post privacy levels(Public, Everyone, Friends & followers, Friends only.)
• Games for single or 1v1
• Link your website (business/personal)
• Post Youtube videos (paste url into post section)
• Post Soundcloud Music (paste url into post section)
• Hashtags and search for hashtags in Posts (tag your post with a #)
• Real-time notifications
• User’s Timeline displaying posts from followed people.
• Images and Albums with image re sampling upon submitting
• Comments on posts and images
• Advanced friend suggestions
• Have your page Verified when you use our site and invite people.
• Referral link. We have invite from Facebook & Whatsapp links.
• Responsive Mobile-Friendly design.
• Search for Users, Groups, Pages, Personal Timeline or All Posts
• You can report posts, comments, messages, profiles and images.
• Change Avatar & Cover photo.
• Profile and Cover Image resizing, cropping and rotation.
Many languages.
• We strive to keep this a happy tattoo site so any negativity will be deleted.

Create a FREE profile today for personal or business on your art social network.