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2 years ago

Cheyenne Randalls Gives famous Icons some brilliant Tattoo Makeovers check them out! Be sure to to share with your friends!

Here at TattooBro we have deep love for people who have mastered the art of Photoshop. Somebody who does it on the music front is PeejeT, who places himself into celebrity pictures and on the pop culture side there is Cheyenne Randalls. The Seattle-based mixed mediam artist is the talented man behind the indiangiver Instagram account, a nice collection of pictures of icons of film, television, music, art, and entertainment who have all been inked in awesome American Traditional style tattoos. Be sure to check out his pictures!
The digital images he has put together are awesome! If you didn't know who these people where you wouldn't know they were fake. We Love tattoos whether they are fake or not. Art is always art in any form. If you are good at your photoshop yourself we would love to see your work please send some into us! #artiscool #tattooisart