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2 years ago

THE ‘RIDICULOUSLY GOOD looking’ California man who went viral worldwide last year has been imprisoned for over two years.
Jeremy Meeks was offered a modelling contract after the police put his mugshot on their Facebook page last year.
The picture is still there and has gained over 100,000 likes, 26,000 comments and has been shared almost 13,000 times.
But the attention didn't stop a US court from jailing Meeks for 27 months after he was convicted of illegally possessing a firearm.
A local News outlet also says that Meeks was ordered to take part in 500-hours of substance abuse treatment.
Meeks had been taken into custody as part of a clampdown on organised crime in the Stockton area of Northern California. Meeks’s mother had launched a campaign trying to have her son freed, claiming he was being stereotyped because of his tattoos.
The reaction to his photo saw the father-of-one being offered a $30,000 contract by a Los Angeles based model agency. He was also reportedly offered $100,000 to become a porn star. What are your thoughts? #thuglife