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last year

BREAKING NEWS!! Man with PINOCCHIO PENIS TATTOO gets BANNED for life with the Airline for showing it to passengers.

Tom Washington, 22, of Grimsby, off a lads holiday to Majorca boarded the Jet2 flight dressed up as a female cabin crew member. It is claimed that he was waving a sex toy around and exposing his penis Pinocchio tattoo.

He explained: ‘There were 23 of us altogether and we all met at East Midlands airport.

‘We got up in the early hours to do our make-up and hair like any presentable woman. We were all excited and sober at this point, and we got on to the plane with barrels of laughter from pretty much everyone – the airport staff and members of the public.

He continued: ‘There were some old men on the plane as well and they were a laugh.

‘The lads mentioned I had a tattoo of Pinocchio, which I showed them, and that was the point where the manager took my passport.’ #funny #pinocchio #tattoos #jet2 #banned #tattoobro