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last year


* Better image: Full image on feed & when clicked with better commenting.

* Like & Share: When you like an image it will auto post the image. We want everyone to see all available art. If the post/profile is private this is not available.

* Scrolling Img: When you share a post and then click the link it has a beautiful image scroll with swipe capabilities. Non users can also Facebook comment on these posts with a share to profile button. Be sure to share your own posts and other to help spread the work of and your own profile.

* Image Edit: When you post an image to the feed you can then edit the image. Just click the edit image button in the top right hand corner and this will open the editor. You can watermark your image, brand, edit or maybe makes memes. Do as you wish but be sure to use this cool feature. Once you have edited the image you can share with our quick share buttons to save time uploading to your other networks.

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